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    Well, I survived a calm Monday. The rest of the week looks to interesting due the build up of orders for The Feast Of The Assumption next week. By next Tuesday, if the orders ain’t in, the day before should be a interesting day.

    The only Cleveland area paper has cut back on it’s home delivery to only four days. It’s a cost cutting idea. For some reason, most people want to view the news on-line. Not I. I waited for a few minutes just to get through to customer service to cancel and trying to explain why I want to cancel it. No, I don’t have a tablet. So, a local news paper where I live has a special for six months of home delivery goes for $25.00 Am taking bets when The Cleveland Plain Dealer will go under. I, just out of curiosity picked up the Monday edition. For seventy five cents, the paper was tiny. So, later this morning, I start my “new” seven day delivery of a different and local news paper.

    4:30 am and it’s time for a shower and a brief six hour nap to start another day of the work week.


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  • I don’t read my news online either. I get the Akron Beacon daily, but most days I only read the first section. We also get our area’s local paper which comes once a week. I’m okay with reading blogs on a computer, but for some reason I have issue with reading my “newspaper” online. Our kind is dying off :(

  • Hmmmmm, this is true, I mostly get my news from the TV in the morning or online on occasion.

  • I once in HS helped a friend deliver papers. There were the bulk ones that her mom had to drive us to take into the stores, and then the individual ones we had to pull behind us in a wagon and in shoulder bags, putting one on each doorstep or in their paper boxes if they had one. First we had to stuff each paper with the right inserts. It was actually a time consuming process and I was tired so early in the morning. I wouldn’t want to do that every week, so I commend those that do, and do it proper.

  • The Plain Dealer, Sunday edition was the occupation for the day at our house. I really don’t like the Charlotte Observer, though; and it is getting tinier also.

  • Newspapers and magazines are shrinking every week! The Parade Magazine in the Sunday paper is about the size Reader’s Digest was when I was a kid. The Austin paper is trying to go all digital, too. They have an app for that!! We get the print edition every day, but it is getting smaller. I hardly every read it, but Hubby does. I get my news on line, but I like to read the comics from real paper.

  • The new paper might be a lot of fun. Sometimes it’s just nice to read something and not be pegged (cookied and algorithmed) as a certain type because you clicked on an article and spent x numbers of minutes on the site. The newspaper is less intrusive/invasive (or, more private) way of obtaining information.

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