• Saturday, In The Park…

    1. Well, it’s past The Fourth Of July and I was at no park. There are trees in my yard and I did go for a walk.
    2. Yeah, TOTALLY missing Xanga 2.0. Miss the app for the phone. Miss not being able to check from my phone. So, I’m not really happy with Xanga 2.0.
    3. Started my nineteenth year at work. Wonder if I’ll get something for my twenty year mark.
    4. Fall starts in just over three weeks. As par for North Eastern Ohio weather goes, it’ll be the hottest day of the season. ;-)
    5. The Cleveland Indians are two games out of the Wild Card postion for the play-offs. And have won more games than last year. The Cleveland Browns start their season tomorrow. The Ohio State Buckeyes won another game against a cream puff team without their starting quarterback. Lets see how they’ll do against a decent football team next week. Oh, The Denver Broncos spanked The Baltimore Ravens. Or as I like to call them, Cleveland Browns East.
    6. Friday The 13th, two dead trees are to be taken out of the back yard. So, hoping no evil spirits are under ground. ;-)
    7. My home town school football team is 2-0 after spanking a team 58-21.
    (Speaking about sports and spanking… Hmmm, should have posted NSFW in the header. ;-) )
    8. Burn Notice ends it’s series run this Thursday. I haven’t watched the last season in full. May end up buying it when it hits DVD. Will tape/download the last episode. Heard rumours that not all things will be resolved. Leaving it to possible either mini series or made for tv movie. And there will NOT be a happy ending. Or Matt Mix maybe screwing with us. Who knows. Hawaii 5-0 repeats are going to be on TNT. There are a few new shows I’m going to give a shot but may end up downloading to my PSP for later viewings.
    9. Direct TV has HBO and Cinemax free this weekend and the only movies I’m recording are Argo and the latest Bourne Movie. Nothing else caught my eye to record.
    Well, that’s all for now. Time fo bed. Early day tomorrow. And may try again to make a dent on the tree limb pile. Or pay extra for removal when the two dead trees get taken down.
    10. Am loving the cool weather. Too bad it’s going to get in the mid to upper 80′s early next week. But it’s North Eastern Ohio Weather. It bounces so much I kinda expect snow before Halloween. Some one the next street over has started decorating their yard in a Halloween Theme already. How about waiting until October first, huh???

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  • 2) Yeah I’m also missing the app, even though I hardly use my iPod for blogging. But it was still nice to have when I wanted to see new comments and such.

    4) and 10) … ugh. Yeah, I really hate yo-yo weather like what we get in NE OH. I’m so pissed that it’ll be near 90 this week!! Ugh. Thank goodness for A/C, even though I wish we could be done needing it for the year.

    7) lol, spanking :D

    9) I hate the free weekends that DirecTV gives us. It almost never has movies that we’re interested in, and then they show the SAME three movies the entire weekend. What gives?! So we don’t even bother looking at them anymore.

  • I was hoping they would end burn notice with a real end, like with Michael getting killed. If he relly killed that Steele guy, I think he should.I haven’t seen the last few episodes.
    I watched a few of the syndicated H-5-0′s. It was nice to see the show when it still had the nice action and when Alex was still doing his stunts. The new season starts in a couple of weeks, I guess Kathryn gets kidnapped. How predictable can they get? She is the only cast member who hasn’t been held hostage!
    come on, you knew that if you mentioned H5-0 that I would go o ff on it!
    I am in Iowa right now and it has been in the 90′s, but still cooler than the hundreds in Texas!

  • Loved the update. Am in agreement with the feelings about 2.0. It has been very frustrating but at least I’ve learned how to post pictures. Hopefully an update will be forthcoming since I’ve not really posted since July (I think). We are having our Aug/Sept heat wave with temps in the 3 digits, thunder storms most afternoon/evenings, muggy weather (70 – 80% humidity) & not much of a cool of overnight. I’m ready for fall. I do hope you get something nice for having been with a company that long. Seems like they don’t do as much as they used to back in the old days. Have an awesome week!!


  • Thanks for the happy song I have now stuck in my head. Seriously. I love Chicago. (the band, not the city. Then again, who knows since I’ve never been there)

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