• Skunk Festival…

    1. How’s that for an invite to read something, huh?
    2. Yes, there is such a thing and my home town of North Ridgeville Ohio put one on yesterday. As IF The Corn Festival wasn’t enough, we have this. And why not? It’s the one animal that you have to admire that when you piss it off, instead of biting or clawing at you it’s make sure that you NEVER mess with one again. ;-) And Warner Brothers and Mel Blanc made a character of a Skunk.
    3. Am enjoying this Fall like weather we’re having in North Eastern Ohio. But due to the rain we got Thursday into Friday, the two dead trees are coming down on September 30th, providing of course on the cooperation of Mother Nature.
    4. The Cleveland Browns lost another game. The Defense looks great. They held a Super Bowl Champion team to just 14 points. But the Offense sucked the life out the place. The Cleveland Indians are winning and a game and a half out of the final wild card slot. But there is more than a few games left to play. But they are winning. Just not having all that great crowds for home games. The Ohio State Buckeyes won again. And that ends the Ohio Sports part of this blog.
    5. The next two Thursdays I’m stuck in the Freezer. Am kinda glad the weather cooled off for the reason of the extreems of temps. Nothing like going from a freezing enviroment to a hot and humid enviroment. The makings of a serious Cold. Which reminds me, next pay check I gotta get my Flu Shot.
    6. So what new shows are your DVR list this Fall Season??? As If I don’t have enough to watch but there are a few shows I may watch until they start being bad.
    7. Did anyone watch the series finale of Burn Notice? If you haven’t, you missed out on an AWESOME episode. Cleaned up a lot of loose ends and it may have leaves room for either a mini series or a two hour movie.
    8. Haven’t made up my mind if I want to buy World War Z yet. I may end up buying a Blue Ray player next pay check. They’re cheap and I want to start buying some movies again.
    9. Time to call it a night. Another work week awaits me.
    10. CIAO…

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  • On my watch list… ‘Sleepy Hallow’ & ‘Ironside.’ There are a bunch more but these two have really caught my eye.

    I hear you about the weather. We had several lovely days in the low to high 80′s w nights falling into the low 60′s for great sleeping & then all of a sudden we are back in the high 90′s & it’s not cooling off much at night because of the humidity. All that craziness did give me a cold. YUCK!! My flu shot awaits for my next visit to my regular doctor.

    Sounds like life is keeping you busy & that’s not a bad thing. :)

    • The Black List and Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. has caught my eye.

  • Oh, Brownies. We really have lousy luck with sports teams here :(

    There are quite a few shows I’m watching this season. Once Upon a Time (both of its shows), Criminal Minds, and Person of Interest.

    I absolutely love Survivor but I’m pissed off with it lately for bringing back so many old players – there are a kajillion other people vying for a chance to be on the show and those spots are being eaten up by idiotic returning players. So, sadly, I refuse to watch this season.

    And I’ll get sucked into watching Dancing With The Stars. I’m rooting for Bill Nye and Bill Engvall.

    I’m not too interested in any of the new shows, but maybe I’ll check out The Blacklist just to see James Spader be his normal creepy-as-hell self.

    No DVR for us – we’re old-skool and use VHS to record shows :D

    • I stopped watching Survivor after Season III. But after seeing The Avengers, I have hopes for Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Blacklist. Wow, you have a VCR??? Am VERY impressed. ;-)

  • None of the new shows have sparked my interest, yet.We had to reset our DVR when we changed from TimeWarner to AT&T, so we need to make a list of the shows we watch and make sure they’re set to record. Some of them that we’ve been watching for several years are losing me. I hope Person of Interest gets rid of those women they shoved in last season. And of course, I hope that Doris on Hawaii Five-0 gets killed somehow! Oh, if only they would take my advice! :)

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