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    I had a blog well in hand last night but due to working with a different lap top, my decent sized blog got lost. Can’t figure out how to retrive it. Have I said lately how much I MISS my Webtv??? Or how that dates me? ;-) That was my first taste of the internet/email/IM.

    My lap top died last weekend. My main lap top died. With all my music on it. And I didn’t back anything up. And I have reduced my CD collection. And my tastes are the hard-to-find/out-of-print variety. So, instead of buying that high end tablet, I get to scour Amazon to replenish my disk drive. Or I buy a external tera bit disk drive and have a friend of mine fill it up. Either, it’s a pain in the ass to deal with. Plus side is I have a 1.3 mega pixel camera/micro phone built in. So I can Skype now. But the keyboard is awkward. TThe screen is bigger and I can play DVDs on it.

    The doctor visit went well. I’m on another blood presure medication. And I’m going to get my mouth taken care of. And THAT means I get to dip into my small 401k plan to pay for the dentures. Eh, I should have taken care of it sooner. Just maybe my health will improve. I’m getting diabetes supplies that my medical insurance is paying for most of it. (I’ve been getting junk mail to join whatever insurance plan since The Afforable Health Care Act went into effect. Which I find laughable seeing how I’ve had coverage since 1994. And I’ve had had a type of short term disabilty insurance since then also. The later is for when one is off work due to being off work due to medical issues). So, instead of shelling out $30.00 for sixty test strips for my testing meter, I’m paying around $11.00 for three months and that also inclueds the device that alows you prick your finger to get blood. It’s going to take at least six weeks for my gums to heal because they’re going to take what’s left of my teeth out. Then I get fitted for dentures.

    Did every one enjoy their extra hour of sleep last night? For those of us who live in states that allow it. Yes, there are a few states in the USA who don’t follow that. And thanks to George W. Bush for changing the usual period to November and early March.

    Work is starting to ramp up for the hoildays. So, that means alot of imported stuff that we have to figure out what goes to whom and the stink of Salted Cod. And they are heavy and awkward to handle. Nothing like picking spliters out your hand if you’re not careful.

    Kinda wishing the danged wind would get the pesky leaves off the trees. Me being the lazy guy, uses the lawn mower to chop the leaves up. Raking the danged things are such a pain. It’s nice to have a mulch function on the mower.

    Well, it’s time for dinner. Leftovers, leftovers. What to choose from.

    At least it was a decent day today. Was out for a few hours. Gotta get that little bit of sun light when you can.


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  • Oh man, that extra hour of sleep was much-needed! I was pretty much up from 2am (couldn’t sleep at all) until I got into bed at 9:30. I took a sleep aid as well, so my sleep was top-notch. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! :D

    Ouch, totally sucks to hear about your laptop! I make sure to update my external hard-drive once in a while so that if I ever have a problem with my laptop then I’ll be good. I can’t possibly lose my foreign film collection :P

    Hope “Operation: Mouth” goes well!

    So what are your thoughts and decisions on the “Affordable Care Act”?

    Ciao! :)

  • Loosing a blog (or email) sucks. I’ve been there before.
    A dying laptop sucks as well.
    Surgery? um, well, That’s not such a picnic in the park either.
    I hope you have a bunch of wonderful things happen to you to negate the negative ones.
    Ps Yes, I enjoyed that extra hour as well; very much so. It made going into work for 745 on a Sunday more tollerable.

  • Dentures—bummer. I guess they are better than they were when my dad and mom first got them. Dad can eat just about anything now that he has some that fit. It will be annoying to wait for your gums to heal. Hubby had gum surgery and I had to mash carrots and potatoes for him. He lost a few pounds, though!
    Good luck with the other stuff. I’m hoping my thyroid meds kick in soon and I can be my “old self” again. I would rather be my “young self” again!!

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