Month: February 2013

  • Old School..

    While waiting for my dad checking for cancer on his ear, played solitaire old school with real playing cards. I haven’t done this in years…

  • Yes, I’m still alive… But have felt better.

    Yikes, has it been over a month since I last made any kind of post??? Well, there was a few reasons. One being a nasty cold that some at work gave me. Said person is being paid back via the Karma department. More about that person later in the post. Some family drama that I won’t get into but suffice to say it kept me from posting. I post here not to be a Debbie Downer but to try and be amusing. And just being plain lazy. And it’s so freaking easy to lazy. So, shaking off the rust and back to posting at least once a week.

    Congrats on The Baltimore Raven for winning the Super Bowl. Yeah, late as it is. But the only reason I mention it is because the former owner of that team used to own The Cleveland Browns is NOT going to Football Hall Of Fame Museum. The main reason for me is because he may have been a owner of a team but he made some bad moves as said owner. He bought a stadium but because of some shady deals, he never made any improvements. Believe me, I know. I’ve been to the place before it was torn down. And while there was some decent memories there, there was a reason why the Cleveland Indians left and forced the city of Cleveland to build him a new stadium. There are more a few few books about what Art Model did to the city and to the fans.

    There was book sale at the local library and I scored some decent books. A mystery writer who based his main character in Cleveland wrote a semi-auto biography about Cleveland. Google Les Roberts. Even better, if you have the time, read one of his books. A first edition of a early Robert B. Parker book, a Kathy Reichs book (The show Bones is loosely based on her novels) and even larger pile of books to go with the pile I bought with my Amazon Gift card. One book I’ve read more than a few times called After Shock And Awe. It’s based on ideas from the universe of Space: 1999. It’s what we comic book nerds call a graphic novel. It’s unique that it tells two stories. One from the view of Moon Base Alpha and the other from the people of Earth. And for the past few decades, I’ve wanted someone to at least take a stab at it. The art work is amazing and the story is just as good. There is talk about the author making another go at later this year.

    A typical Cleveland area Winter. Freeze, thaw. Freeze, thaw. Which leads to some nasty colds. And this one won’t let go of me. Am popping more Vitamin C tabs that I want to. And I am more than wanting to begin my long walks. Yeah, have pack on more than a few pounds this Winter.

    A shout out to @Marcia0701. She put together a Secret Xanga Valentines Day card. I think it went well. I hope she does it again next year. Many thanks.

    Said person who gave me his cold is now out of work because he had a stint put in Tuesday. Boss doesn’t know when he will be back to it’s back to being short handed for a bit. And next week is looking to be real interesting because another guy is taking vacation. Oh yes. Fun times at work.

    Went to Wally World a few hours after Valentines Day looking to score some cheap candy. No such luck. The section where said candy was at was cleaned out.

    For the past few Mondays I’ve had to be awake at at 7am. This past Monday was getting the front brakes done to the tune of $228.00. The following Monday was making sure said car passed it emissions test for the state of Ohio. This next Monday involves taking Dad to the doctor to get some growths off of his right ear. Am really hoping it isn’t Cancer. At age 72, things fail faster. And he’s in way better shape than I am. Will know more Monday. The doctor doesn’t want him to drive afterwards. So the plans for Saturday is get all chores done and sleep in and relax Sunday. So, my sleep schedule has been messed up for the past few weeks.

    While posting, am keeping one eye on an Alison Krauss and Union Station concert. The music is great and she’s very easy on the eyes…

    If you have Netflix Streaming, watch House Of Cards. It’s based of the British show and it’s been great watching. Monday Mornings is another new show I’m watching. It’s another medical show that has a great cast and the first two episodes have been good so far.

    So, who’s going to watch The Oscar Show this Sunday??? I haven’t seen any of the movies that have been nominated so I’ll won’t be watching it even though Seth McFarellen is hosting.

    Hey, less than two months until Baseball starts up and for once, The Cleveland Indians look good.

    Took sister to Olive Garden, of all places, for her birthday. And I was more than surprised at the quality of good food they served. Back in the day, I thought it sucked. I had a soup that had Potato Gnocchi in it that was quite good. Still think that for a chain Italian Food Restaurant, Carabas is better with The Macaroni Grill a close second. Arbys has their Fish Sandwich back. If you have them leave off the Tatar Sauce and some tomatoes to it, it’s not that bad for the price. It’s not like you’re going to any fast food place for healthy choices. But I have a guilty pleasure of late: McDonalds Fish Bites. Ever since they hit the market, I’m buying them at least twice a week.

    Well, time for a shower and maybe read before calling it a night. Will be taking one of the lap tops into work during lunch break Thursday. As much as I love my smart phone, that danged screen is wayyyyy too small. Maybe I should pick up tablet. May as well add that to the wish list.