• Government Shutdown, Affordable Health Care and My So-Called Vacation…

    Yeah, gotta loved our elected politicians who so want “Obama Care” off the books enough to partially shut down and lay-off people. And with the debt ceiling looming, just WTF is wrong with our country??? I was speaking with a guy I know and some group had a poll that asked the question about The Afforable Health Care Act and Obama Care. And if you’re not clue-less, they’re the SAME DAMNED THING. Just worded differently. If the phrase Obama Care wasn’t introduced: maybe, JUST MAYBE there wouldn’t be a government shut-down. And how about letting the damned thing exist and if and when if fails, then BITCH about it and repeal it. Until then, SHUT THE HELL UP. Good God. There are more important things that need to be done. When I didn’t have health care, it sucked. And if I was still working at a fastfood place, I’d be signing up for it. I give up.

    Now I got that off my chest… ;-)

    I haven’t been around. Just because there hasn’t been much going on in my life and I’ve been very lazy and not doing much of anything. And I’m sorry I haven’t been leaving comments on your blogs. Man, I MISS old Xanga. When I would get a daily email about who’s saying what. I miss being able to access the sight from my phone. Does anyone else have problems using their Android Phones or IPhones to access the site? Or is it one the new fangled things Xanga 2.0 isn’t doing.

    I was “supposed” to be on vacation this week. Kinda looking forward to it. A nice and sunny week. So, stupid me decides to turn on my phone and low and behold. I get a text from my boss telling me to call him. Texted him back and found out a guy, who has had health problems is back in the hospital with another unrelated health concern and maybe jut maybe I take my vacation by the end of the month. It depends on when he comes back to work. So, for the next two weeks I’m covering for him. And a new driver is being shown the ropes because a driver is quiting after being there a year. He was one who was getting on my nerves. If I don’t like someone, tend to ignore them and they leave me alone. Not this guy. I’ve mentioned him before and I don’t like seeing drivers leave, I won’t be missing him. In the past 19 years, only one driver has stayed. And he was there before I started. And I have this thing, para-phrasing that Las Vegas commercial, “What Happens On Nights, Stays On Nights”… We, on nights, don’t do anything wrong, just like to keep things on the down low. And any suggestions as how how to “speed” things up. I mean, they may want to find a way to cut out our forty hour work-week and maybe go to a three day work week. Nah. A four day work week is fine. The food business is steady i my neck of the woods. It’s been buiser but I get my 40 hours in a week.

    I don’t do Twitter because I trust people here. My family doesn’t have access to this. I MISS The Pulse. Or maybe I’m just dumb too figure things out. I need to, which I was going to do on my vacation, explore WordPress more or muddle about here more.

    Well, I see my doctor Thursday morning as to see if they’ll up my meds on the high blood presure meds.

    Ciao. For some reason, I may need to use Firefox to use Xanga 2.0. It’s getting to blog here.

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  • I miss 2.0 a lot, too :( And I miss Pulses. And I miss knowing if someone replied to us. And I miss blog Rec’s. *sigh*

    Bummer for having to delay your vacation! But getting that extra money now is good.

    Have a good week! It’s wonderfully chilly this week here! :D

  • I miss it here, but I don’t want to pay to blog. (cheap!)
    I did finally sign up for Obamacare and I’m happy about it.
    Sorry about your vacation. :(

    • I have six months left on it from the carry over from the TRUE Xanga after I paid them for a year.

  • saw you today on a friends site so thought I’d come over and say hello. Haven’t seen you in the inbox lately. Perhaps time for an update on how you are?

  • I’ve been looking throuhg my “following” list and thought I would see what you were up to. I guess we don’t get notified when our subs post, because I miss a lot. Isn’t there a “pulse” choice when you’re deciding what kind of post you’re making? I don’t know what it does; I’ve never tried it.

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