• Hey there…

    1. The two trees are still up. Am hoping for a September 30 removal providing of course Mother Nature doesn’t decide to either Rain or Snow.
    2. Watched Marvel Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Not too bad. It’s a pilot and there are some plots that they plan to develope. It’s nice to see Ron Glass (Sheppard Book) have a role. Hope it’s not just a one off.
    3. Have downloaded The Blacklist and Sleepy Hollow to my PSP. I’ll probably watch them maybe Thursday.
    4. Just watched the season premire of NCIS. While there are a lot of fans who are pissed that Ziva will be gone, I still miss Kate and the way they “killed” her off. They could have maybe had her leave another way but the impact of her death affected the “team” and it was needed. Didn’t like fat first but anything that moves the story I’m all for.
    5. Have read two new books. A “New” Spenser novel by Ace Atkins. I didn’t care for the first first book he did but I did like the new so much I read it in one night. The Racketeer by John Grisham. Again, one of those one night things. It’s how I am. Reading doesn’t put me to sleep. Unless the story sucks. Then it’s snooze ville.
    6. Haven’t decided to buy World War Z yet. I still haven’t read the book yet. I misplaced it. Or it’s in one of the containers I have my books stored. I do want to buy the new Iron Man movie.
    7. A Cleveland Fans Wet Dream almost happened. Two sports teams won in one day. Had Tthe Basketball Team played a game that counted, it would have been trifecta. But The Cleveland Browns looked decent. The Offensive Line still looked weak but two players sparked the scoring. The Cleveland Indians are still winning. And if they can keep winning and the other teams ahead of them loose… Well, the attendence has picked up and Man is it FUN to listen to the play-by-play anouncers call the game.
    8. It’s Fall and it’s sooooo nice not to be covered in sweat. One more Thursday in the Freezer for this month.
    Calling it a night.

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  • Ron Glass has been in many things, tv and film, but will always be Shepherd Book to me too.

  • I am totally into the book I’m currently reading, but reading makes me sleepy so I am reading it two pages at a time. :/

  • I’m going to try to watch The Blacklist sometime this weekend. Spader is insanely freaky and creepy and I love it haha, so I’m excited to see him in this show.

    I tried to watch NCIS but it was too confusing. :( Eh, I’m glad to see Ziva go. I was so annoyed with her family drama. The only tihng I liked was her constant errors in idioms haha

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