Month: March 2013

  • A quick blog…

    A typical Zoz36 birthday: Felt fine for most of the day. Went to bed early for some AM bowling on Sunday. Two hours into sleep, I get the shivers like crazy. Can’t even warm up. Throw on a sweater with blanket. Then half through the night after waking up just about every hours and having some stranger than normal dreams, I’m taking everything off because I’m soaking my pillow with sweat. Four games of bowling left me spent. Went to bed early Sunday evening, repeat of Saturday night. Went into work and Boss Dude tells me he went through before. No antibiotics can help. Just have ride it out for seven days. Oh joy. And I decided to start my diet. Well, with no appetite, the first few days should be easy. Well, at least trying to stay away from fast food joints. Keeping it to maybe one day a week. Okay, my eyes are starting to hurt. Time for a hot shower and off to bed.

  • March 23, 1966

    A little traveling music:

    Yeah, 47 years ago, I was either A. Hatched B. Came from another planet who sun made me stronger where as this sun has made me weaker C. Dropped by a drunken Stork on hitting every branch on the tallest tree or D. Was born. Depending on who you ask who know me in the real world, it’s probably a combination of all the above. Anyways, just thought I’d check in here before calling it a night.

    I really don’t celebrate my birthday too much. I mean, after 21, what’s there to celebrate??? But before this blog takes a turn in a downward spiral, I ain’t go nothing to complain about. I have a good job, good friends both here in Xanga land and out in the real world, family, health… Let’s just say, some days are better than others. I had planned on going bowling with Dad and assorted cousins today. But due to a over booked bowling alley, that has been pushed to Sunday. A day I never roll out of bed before noon but now have to be awake and ready to bowl at 9am. I WILL be PISSED if said cousins fail to show up. After getting replies saying that they will. Sis is making her AWESOME Meat Loaf. But after going to this Mexican place down the street, I may change my mind for next years birthday bash. Next weekend, I’ll be buying me some things for my birthday via Amazon that I had my eye on. A Army Rucksack. I miss my old one and nothing beats it. A few books and a pair shoes and slippers that I can only get at an on-line store. Damned 5EEEEE wide width feet.

    I’m not going to get reflective here. Are there things I could have done better? Sure. Have I accomplished what I wanted to? Not yet. But I am happy. I need to get my body in decent shape before I start dating again. The body parts need some repair before I start dating again.

    Gotta love Spring Time In Ohio. Snow on the ground. It may get up into the forties today. But chances of snow from Sunday on into next week.

    It’s been nice having to work three days a week the past two weeks but it’s back to old grind of my four day work week. Yeah, sucks to be me I know. Sarcasm on my part. Next month my heath care jumps up in cost due to my company changing health providers again.

    To My Xangan Friends out there: If this was Middle Earth, I’d be giving YOU birthday gifts. But this isn’t. All I can say is: Thanks for letting me be a part of your lives. It’s been my honor. And You’re all pretty damned fine people.

    Note to myself: Must buy A. Many cans of Monster Energy Drink B. As much Diet Mountain Dew as I can C. Hit local coffee shoppe and pray they open early and and have a multiple shots of Espresso. Because 7am on a Sunday is just too freaking early in the morning. laughing

    Now going to bed with some Pink Floyd. Either One Slip or Us And Them to lull me to sleep.


    Okay the link in the very beginning was a song called The Road Of The Gypsy from the Iron Eagle Soundtrack. Many apologies… The link isn’t working.

  • Odds And Ends…

    Well, I said I post more often but it’s soooo easy to be distracted and I had a post ready but some how, the post got deleted and and it was late and I needed some sleep. I may post it later in this blog if I remember what I ranting about. I’ve got a good idea what it was, but it may not has the same “punch” it originally had.

    I’m taking a few Thursdays off. I took last Thursday off because it was my Dads birthday. I managed to do a “Gotcha” on him. He was bowling and I headed to the local supermarket and bought a balloon and Chocolate Cake and brought to his bowling team and his friends. I should have bought a sheet cake but there wasn’t one that was Chocolate made. We, Sis, Dad and I, went to this new Mexican place that opened up a few months ago. And I’m here to tell you, it was some of THE BEST Mexican food I’ve had in a long time. And for around $45.00, we ate good. So alcoholic drinks were had. Which explains why it wasn’t more costly. But the food was awesome and outside of this hole in the wall joint in Cleveland, the chain versions of “Mexican Food” aren’t that great. And they’re more expensive. And I thought the best of the lot was Chipotles. They’re open during lunch, so I may be hitting the place on Thursdays in the near future. I hold off the re-fried beans or save it for lunch on Fridays. And best of all, Dad liked it. My birthday and @promisesunshine anniversary is next Saturday. I’ll be off the net for most of the day. Am trying to get some of my cousins to, at least stop by and say hello to Dad. We, Dad and I, are going bowling. Sis doesn’t like to bowl. And she has a thing she wants to do. One her co-workers is leaving and they’re throwing some kind of going away party. So, she’s going to that. Let’s see how Dad reacts to that news. And for my birthday meal, I want my Sisters Meatloaf. Made the point clear if she wants to go she had better make that. She doesn’t make it that often.About once a year maybe twice. I don’t give out praise for many things but her Meatloaf is The Standard I hold ALL Meatloaf I eat to. And Lord knows I try any Meatloaf when I do go out to eat.

    I am taking next Thursday off because it’s the first day of The NCAA Basket Ball Tournament otherwise known as “March Madness”. I like to watch the first round because the team who won their play-off/tournament but has no real chance of winning does make the other teams play better sooner. And those first games are so good to watch. And any time I can take a Thursday off and get PAID to watch basket ball is always a fun thing to do.

    Okay, last week I was reading on yahoo something insane but not surprising. A guy in New Mexico who is in jail for thirty years for a DUI and killed two other people is suing Applebees and I’m presuming his ex-best friend because Applebees let him drink more and his best friend let him drive. Strangely, we at work were talking about why some people in Ohio who have their licence taken away but are still driving. The loop hole, if you’re fast enough, if you say you lost your licence, you can get another one before your DUI hits the system. Sheesh. I am death on drunk drivers. I think the laws are too lenient and not enforced. I was in the car with some one who was drinking was in an accident. It was before all the testing and I walked away unscathed. And that person has NEVER drove drunk since. I learned the hard way about using seat belts and keeping the car door locked. Around the young age of eight, I was messing around with the seat belt and the car door and fell out with the truck going a low speed. No real injuries. Scrapes and bruises. And fell on my head a few times. No, for those of you out there, I was demented long before landing on my head. But thanks for asking. But stories like that makes me think, are we as a society that screwed up? Or is Mother Nature ever going to wake up and wipe us out and chalk up the Human Race as a bad experiment?

    Today, I am the proud owner of a new electric lawn mower. Set me back around $400.00 but it’s wider and has more power. Need to get rid of other two mowers. The gas powered one is dead in the water and the other battery powered one is on it’s last legs right now. Hence, the new battery powered lawn mower. And with the prices of gas going through the roof… So, instead of the PS III I wanted, I needed the lawn mower. Lord, being an adult sure sucks. Well, there’s always Christmas. Or the new Samsung Android phone sometime this Spring. It looks Sooooooooooo cool. But I may wait until September.

    In other news: There maybe another possible spin-off of NCIS. If the two part episode on NCIS: Los Angeles does well, there will be three NCIS shows on the air. CSI, Star Trek, Stargate SG1 and  Law And Order did this. And they made some decent shows for a while. So who knows.

    A new band I heard via NPR is Alabama Shakes. A real good old fashioned rock/blues band who’s female lead singer can belt it out with the best of them. And there’s some good guitar sounds there also. Check them out.

    No new books. Just trying to get through my pile of books from Christmas. And watching House Of Cards on Netflix.

    Well, time for dinner. Seeing that I had stuff from Wendys, dunno what I’m going to have. Well, there is that last box of Do Si Does and a six pack of Diet Pepsi and see whatever left-overs are in the fridge. I did buy a pound of bologna. Just to lazy to make anything today.

    Just think, Spring is just around the corner. In Cleveland, it means four more weeks of three to four inches of “partly cloudy”.

  • What A Country…

    Where else can a High School Principal can get a “signing bonus” and other types of performance extras… Un-real… Taking a quick break from work. My Boss took the day off as I found out as I walked in. But am being well behaved and trying to stretch the time a bit. FYI: Time to turn the clocks forward this Sunday. The one thing the Sequester can’t derail. If you’re interested in something new to listen to, give Alabama Shakes a try. Heard about them via NPR and they’re a good kind of funk/rock with a awesome female lead Singer. They’re going to be on AXS TV if you have Direct TV midnight Saturday. Well, break time over. Time to find another place to hide out…