Month: April 2013

  • Hello There…

    Yeah, I said I’d post more but it’s so easy to be lazy and that flipping cold has FINALLY let loose of me. (I’ll use words like flipping and the like to not use foul language. There are plenty of other words to express my feeling without resorting to use the “F Bomb” etc.)

    I finally started my weekend walks. Left the car behind and managed to walk to my banks ATM, stopped to get a cup of coffee a local coffee house, went to Blockbuster to see what they had left, stopped over at Walgreens and walked back home. A bit shorter walk than what I’m used to but I was out of the house for three hours and it felt good. I did score a few DVDs I haven’t seen. But I am heading to Half Price Books tomorrow to unload some DVDs I haven’t watched in some time. With Netflix Streaming and Hulu Plus, most of what I watch is there. But here’s what I picked up: True Grit (The re-make), The Punisher War Zone, Invictus,  In The Loop, Source Code, The Maiden Heist, Star Trek Nemesis (I’ve seen it but this had a lot of special features) and a Blue Ray version of Up In The Air (I want to see this but alas, I haven’t bought a Blue Ray player yet.) I’ve got a large stack of DVDs that I haven’t watched in years.

    Xanga took it’s yearly premium fee from me. So, I’m good for another year.

    Next month, my niece is graduating from High School. Now I feel old as it’s two years away from a thirty year High School reunion that I won’t be attending. I had a brief post about that back in the day. No need to rehash bad memories.

    At least it’s not snowing, just rain every other day it seems. Windy and in the forties today.

    Work is still slow. Well with the weather being what it is, I expect it. And out of corner of my eye, more chances of rain in the seven day forecast. Swell. At this rate, the grass might be at the point to use a weed wacker to cut the grass with.

    Watched Hannibal, the pilot. Okay, let me preface this by saying I have read the books and have seen most of the movies (I didn’t see the remake of Man Hunter which is called by the book name of Red Dragon. Man Hunter is a way better movie and I have the special edition DVD), so it’s a bit weird for me. Because I’m seeing why the characters acting the way they do and inferring from the books/movies. So, I’ll give it a few more episodes before I pass judgement. Mads Mikkelsen is great at Hannibal. He’s the reason I’m watching the show. A show I have high hopes for is Defiance, a show that is starts up Monday on SyFy. The show is set in the future and Earth and a mix of alien races are banding together to deal with a new threat. The shows creator has did Farscape, Alien Nation The TV Series and SeaQuest DSV.

    I saw a brief trailer for Gatchaman. For those of you who never watched anime, it’s a animated series that got “Americanized” and called “Battle Of The Planets”. They made a live action movie of the series. I am still waiting for the release of the live action movie of Space Battleship Yamotto otherwise known as Star Blazers. I have watched some anime, but it’s a drop in the bucket of what’s out there. But I do like to watch some of the new stuff. But there are so many hours in the day and unless I get some reading in, my mind starts to turn to mush. 

    Was in the freezer Thursday. Good thing I had some soup with me. A good Chinese restaurant around the corner makes an awesome clear soup. It’s hot in temp and has a nice hit of black pepper that really warms one up. No, I don’t know what the soup is called. My boss usually orders it and he had a medium sized container ordered for me.

    Just about finished with the chores. Still need to put away the clean clothes. And a sink of dirty dishes that need attending to. And it’s time for dinner. I’ll poke around the fridge and see what leftovers are there and maybe later, watch Invictus.

    Hope where ever you are, the sun is shining  and it’s warm. Still have the comforter out and may use it tonight.