Month: July 2013

  • Hey there…

    A screwball two weeks is over with. Well, it’s back to a “normal” work week. That being short handed for the rest of Summer because everyone is taking time off. So, until September, being short staffed is the rule around work.

    I guess Xanga is on it’s last legs. They have stopped sending me the daily feed of my subscriptions so if you were wondering why I haven’t been at your site, that’s why. So tonight/tomorrow I’ll be hitting your sites. And another nail in the coffin that is Xanga, they’re less than half way to their goal with less than two weeks to go. So, I guess I should post more at WordPress. But until then, I’ll try and visit here as often as I can.

    Not a whole lot has been happening. Today, I went to nephew’s graduation party. I haven’t seen him in a few years. He was a bit heavy then but lost the weight. Spent the afternoon catching up with his mom, (For the Chocoholics, they had a mini-liquid chocolate fountain there. My Dad hit that hard with the fresh Strawberries. Me, I was good. Small samples of food and four bottles of water. Was in the mood for a slice of Pecan Pie. I hear that Aldis has a good Pecan Pie but they sell out of them pretty quick). On the work front, I managed to get some overtime in. A little bit of drama this past Wednesday but I chalked it up to the heat and messed up work week but when my boss is back from vacation.

    I am glad where I live at doesn’t have the wacky weather the rest of the country is dealing with. Although, the North Eastern part of Ohio is in the plus side in water totals. Well, when you have one of the wettest Junes on record, you’re going to make up any deficits you may have. Am seriously thinking of buying a back-up sump pump. The semi-new one has gotten a work out the past two years. May look into on with a battery back-up.

    Here’s few tidbits of trivia: Twenty years ago, The X-Files and Stargate The Movie came out. 1993 was a VERY good year. I did not care for The X-Files movies. But I did love the first few seasons of The X-Files. BBC America showed Stargate last night and that killed any ideas of doing anything constructive.

    Apparently, The Lone Ranger is tanking at the box office. The trailer I saw didn’t make me want to see it. Now, Pacific Rim on the other hand, if there wasn’t people taking vacations, is a major midnight showing movie and one that should be seen on the big screen. A modern version of the monster movies I grew up on. And from what my friends are telling me that Man Of Steel is great until the last quarter of the movie. But at least they’re talking sequel right now. And the rumor mill is talking about a Justice League Of America movie. Don’t see how they’re going to do that. Unless something major happens I can’t see it happening. And anyways, Warner Brothers do better on the animation department.

    At Goodwill, I scored the first two books of Dean Koontz Odd Thomas series. So, as soon as it get colder, I’ll be reading them. And my pile of books grows steadily larger. May start using them as a table. Then stack more on that.

    Has anyone watched Under The Dome yet? Just wondering if it’s worth down loading via The Play Station Network. For the comic book nerd in me, Marvel/Disney is starting a new Avengers Animated series. I saw the first two episodes and I’m going to give it a shot. Cartoon Network is starting a new Batman series called Beware The Batman. That looks good.

    Am a bit distracted right now. The Great Escape is on and between that and writing this, my multi-tasking abilities are being put to the test.

    Here’s a question as I round third base heading for home: What’s your Favorite Cartoon Movie (s) I will get back to you on my favorites.

    Be Safe and Cool and Dry. No real order for that.