Month: September 2013

  • Hey there…

    1. The two trees are still up. Am hoping for a September 30 removal providing of course Mother Nature doesn’t decide to either Rain or Snow.
    2. Watched Marvel Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Not too bad. It’s a pilot and there are some plots that they plan to develope. It’s nice to see Ron Glass (Sheppard Book) have a role. Hope it’s not just a one off.
    3. Have downloaded The Blacklist and Sleepy Hollow to my PSP. I’ll probably watch them maybe Thursday.
    4. Just watched the season premire of NCIS. While there are a lot of fans who are pissed that Ziva will be gone, I still miss Kate and the way they “killed” her off. They could have maybe had her leave another way but the impact of her death affected the “team” and it was needed. Didn’t like fat first but anything that moves the story I’m all for.
    5. Have read two new books. A “New” Spenser novel by Ace Atkins. I didn’t care for the first first book he did but I did like the new so much I read it in one night. The Racketeer by John Grisham. Again, one of those one night things. It’s how I am. Reading doesn’t put me to sleep. Unless the story sucks. Then it’s snooze ville.
    6. Haven’t decided to buy World War Z yet. I still haven’t read the book yet. I misplaced it. Or it’s in one of the containers I have my books stored. I do want to buy the new Iron Man movie.
    7. A Cleveland Fans Wet Dream almost happened. Two sports teams won in one day. Had Tthe Basketball Team played a game that counted, it would have been trifecta. But The Cleveland Browns looked decent. The Offensive Line still looked weak but two players sparked the scoring. The Cleveland Indians are still winning. And if they can keep winning and the other teams ahead of them loose… Well, the attendence has picked up and Man is it FUN to listen to the play-by-play anouncers call the game.
    8. It’s Fall and it’s sooooo nice not to be covered in sweat. One more Thursday in the Freezer for this month.
    Calling it a night.

  • Skunk Festival…

    1. How’s that for an invite to read something, huh?
    2. Yes, there is such a thing and my home town of North Ridgeville Ohio put one on yesterday. As IF The Corn Festival wasn’t enough, we have this. And why not? It’s the one animal that you have to admire that when you piss it off, instead of biting or clawing at you it’s make sure that you NEVER mess with one again. ;-) And Warner Brothers and Mel Blanc made a character of a Skunk.
    3. Am enjoying this Fall like weather we’re having in North Eastern Ohio. But due to the rain we got Thursday into Friday, the two dead trees are coming down on September 30th, providing of course on the cooperation of Mother Nature.
    4. The Cleveland Browns lost another game. The Defense looks great. They held a Super Bowl Champion team to just 14 points. But the Offense sucked the life out the place. The Cleveland Indians are winning and a game and a half out of the final wild card slot. But there is more than a few games left to play. But they are winning. Just not having all that great crowds for home games. The Ohio State Buckeyes won again. And that ends the Ohio Sports part of this blog.
    5. The next two Thursdays I’m stuck in the Freezer. Am kinda glad the weather cooled off for the reason of the extreems of temps. Nothing like going from a freezing enviroment to a hot and humid enviroment. The makings of a serious Cold. Which reminds me, next pay check I gotta get my Flu Shot.
    6. So what new shows are your DVR list this Fall Season??? As If I don’t have enough to watch but there are a few shows I may watch until they start being bad.
    7. Did anyone watch the series finale of Burn Notice? If you haven’t, you missed out on an AWESOME episode. Cleaned up a lot of loose ends and it may have leaves room for either a mini series or a two hour movie.
    8. Haven’t made up my mind if I want to buy World War Z yet. I may end up buying a Blue Ray player next pay check. They’re cheap and I want to start buying some movies again.
    9. Time to call it a night. Another work week awaits me.
    10. CIAO…

  • Saturday, In The Park…

    1. Well, it’s past The Fourth Of July and I was at no park. There are trees in my yard and I did go for a walk.
    2. Yeah, TOTALLY missing Xanga 2.0. Miss the app for the phone. Miss not being able to check from my phone. So, I’m not really happy with Xanga 2.0.
    3. Started my nineteenth year at work. Wonder if I’ll get something for my twenty year mark.
    4. Fall starts in just over three weeks. As par for North Eastern Ohio weather goes, it’ll be the hottest day of the season. ;-)
    5. The Cleveland Indians are two games out of the Wild Card postion for the play-offs. And have won more games than last year. The Cleveland Browns start their season tomorrow. The Ohio State Buckeyes won another game against a cream puff team without their starting quarterback. Lets see how they’ll do against a decent football team next week. Oh, The Denver Broncos spanked The Baltimore Ravens. Or as I like to call them, Cleveland Browns East.
    6. Friday The 13th, two dead trees are to be taken out of the back yard. So, hoping no evil spirits are under ground. ;-)
    7. My home town school football team is 2-0 after spanking a team 58-21.
    (Speaking about sports and spanking… Hmmm, should have posted NSFW in the header. ;-) )
    8. Burn Notice ends it’s series run this Thursday. I haven’t watched the last season in full. May end up buying it when it hits DVD. Will tape/download the last episode. Heard rumours that not all things will be resolved. Leaving it to possible either mini series or made for tv movie. And there will NOT be a happy ending. Or Matt Mix maybe screwing with us. Who knows. Hawaii 5-0 repeats are going to be on TNT. There are a few new shows I’m going to give a shot but may end up downloading to my PSP for later viewings.
    9. Direct TV has HBO and Cinemax free this weekend and the only movies I’m recording are Argo and the latest Bourne Movie. Nothing else caught my eye to record.
    Well, that’s all for now. Time fo bed. Early day tomorrow. And may try again to make a dent on the tree limb pile. Or pay extra for removal when the two dead trees get taken down.
    10. Am loving the cool weather. Too bad it’s going to get in the mid to upper 80′s early next week. But it’s North Eastern Ohio Weather. It bounces so much I kinda expect snow before Halloween. Some one the next street over has started decorating their yard in a Halloween Theme already. How about waiting until October first, huh???

  • First post…

    Really missing the Pulse option. Had to get here in a round about way. I never got the email about what’s going on. And can’t figureut what happend to the $25.00 I paid back in April. And I’m going to have to spend a weekend or two to see how I like the “new” Xanga. Just hoping my “friends” are still here. Yeah, missing the Pulse function. And hoping I don’t have to keep using Firefox. I’ll be posting this weekend. Hope everyone is fine and have made the move here…
    Time for a shower and some sleep.