• First post…

    Really missing the Pulse option. Had to get here in a round about way. I never got the email about what’s going on. And can’t figureut what happend to the $25.00 I paid back in April. And I’m going to have to spend a weekend or two to see how I like the “new” Xanga. Just hoping my “friends” are still here. Yeah, missing the Pulse function. And hoping I don’t have to keep using Firefox. I’ll be posting this weekend. Hope everyone is fine and have made the move here…
    Time for a shower and some sleep.

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  • I’ve never used firefox and got here fine, so perhaps try again with IE, or whatever you used to use.

    Are you a twitter fan? pulses were like tweets from there, short one liners without pictures, with limited reply characters. I used pulse occassionally, but I prefer actual blogs.

    What I miss is the ability to “rec” or “tag” someone if you really like their post/comment or want to alert them a specific post would appeal to and/or references them

    • I had two twitter handles but damned if I can remember them. That’s how often I used it. For some reason, the old “Xanga” wouldn’t let me post via Internet Explorer.

  • Wow. Yeah, I don’t know what to think about the new Xanga either. And I miss Pulses too.

    I hope that my $96 to Xanga was worth it and that I’ll continue to want to use Xanga.

    Have a good day!

  • Since I didn’t donate, I didn’t get theemail either, but I joined one of the facebook groups and got info there. I paid for premium in the spring, too, and that’s why I am able to post without having donated. Did you pay for premium AND donate? If so, mybe you’ll get an extended subscription.

  • I see that there is a “pulse” option under “categories,” but I haven’t tried it.

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