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    When I got the news that Ben Affleck was picked to be the new Batman in the upcoming Superman movie, it was late and I haven’t seen Man Of Steel yet so I thought I’d sleep on it.

    Boy, did the geeks come out and have an a field day. To a point of having an online petition (that’s been taken down) BANNING him from being in any super hero movies. REALLY??? With all the news going on in the world: Out of control fires in the western United States, the Army guy who was sentenced for 35 years to prison wanting hormone therapy to become a woman, and tons of other more important news going on, this gets mentioned in EVERY news outlet???

    So, me being me, is going to throw my three cents in. I haven’t seen Man Of Steel. So I have nothing to base how the new Batman/Superman movie will be like. My hesitation is that it’s from the same guy who have us Watchmen and I didn’t care for it. I’ll see the movie when it comes out either to Netflix/Hulu. And for the record, I LIKED Daredevil (I also liked Lost in Space and Blade III, both which got panned by the critics/actors alike). And before the Internet, a certain actor named Michael Keaton was picked to play Batman and there was howls about that. Not from me. I saw him in a serious movie called Clean And Sober before and had confidence in him playing the role. As I look back, the movie doesn’t stand the test of time. I like Christian Bale better as Batman with Val Kilmer as a close second. With me, it has to be all about the story. No story for me, it’s nothing.

    So the moral of this: Geeks will be Geeks and let’s just see HOW the movie is before slamming Ben Affleck. Remember the howls of out rage when they re-booted Star Trek, Spider Man, etc??? Me, I want a re-boot of Space: 1999. Or a movie. They did Thunderbirds and that movie tanked. Probably the reason why Johnathan Frakes hasn’t directed a big budget movie since.

    Well, I managed to was my dirty clothes. And now I’m tired. An early day tomorrow. Yard work. Ughhhh. And it’s supposed to be muggy next week. There goes the electric bill.

    Stay cool and be safe!!!


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  • I first had the gut reaction, “Ben Affleck?” But you’re right. Give him a chance. Christian Bale is my favorite Batman body. Michael Keaton turned out to be a good batman. The stories didn’t help Val Kilmer nor George Clooney. So, let’s hope for a good Batman story for Ben. It could be good. It could be horrible. Happy day off. When the yard work is done and over with, you can shower and relax, basking in the fruit of all your hard work. Happy weekend!

  • I totally agree with you. If the story is weak, it wouldn’t matter WHO had the starring lead. Weak is weak. Christian Bale is good, but there have been so many playing the role that it will be interesting to see what Affleck brings to the table.

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