Month: August 2013

  • Trending: Complaining about the new Batman…Really???

    When I got the news that Ben Affleck was picked to be the new Batman in the upcoming Superman movie, it was late and I haven’t seen Man Of Steel yet so I thought I’d sleep on it.

    Boy, did the geeks come out and have an a field day. To a point of having an online petition (that’s been taken down) BANNING him from being in any super hero movies. REALLY??? With all the news going on in the world: Out of control fires in the western United States, the Army guy who was sentenced for 35 years to prison wanting hormone therapy to become a woman, and tons of other more important news going on, this gets mentioned in EVERY news outlet???

    So, me being me, is going to throw my three cents in. I haven’t seen Man Of Steel. So I have nothing to base how the new Batman/Superman movie will be like. My hesitation is that it’s from the same guy who have us Watchmen and I didn’t care for it. I’ll see the movie when it comes out either to Netflix/Hulu. And for the record, I LIKED Daredevil (I also liked Lost in Space and Blade III, both which got panned by the critics/actors alike). And before the Internet, a certain actor named Michael Keaton was picked to play Batman and there was howls about that. Not from me. I saw him in a serious movie called Clean And Sober before and had confidence in him playing the role. As I look back, the movie doesn’t stand the test of time. I like Christian Bale better as Batman with Val Kilmer as a close second. With me, it has to be all about the story. No story for me, it’s nothing.

    So the moral of this: Geeks will be Geeks and let’s just see HOW the movie is before slamming Ben Affleck. Remember the howls of out rage when they re-booted Star Trek, Spider Man, etc??? Me, I want a re-boot of Space: 1999. Or a movie. They did Thunderbirds and that movie tanked. Probably the reason why Johnathan Frakes hasn’t directed a big budget movie since.

    Well, I managed to was my dirty clothes. And now I’m tired. An early day tomorrow. Yard work. Ughhhh. And it’s supposed to be muggy next week. There goes the electric bill.

    Stay cool and be safe!!!


  • A quick blog Pt. 2

    I did a fairly decent sized blog on WordPress and have been posting shorter ones here. Dunno why. Maybe I’m shooting for trying to do both sites until Xanga figures out when/if Xanga 2.0 premires…

    A few things…

    The Food Network has a new show you should AVOID. It’s called Cutthroat Kitchen. It’s a competition show but you can mess with other cooks by making their lives difficult. I watched one episode and wished I didn’t. It’s not fun. I mean, do we need another show about screwing someone over to get ahead??? Meh. I’ll just keep watching Chopped. Where you have to adapt to what’s in “The Basket”. I missed the Great Food Truck Race premier. And I can’t wait until the new season of Top Chef starts up. And what’s up the amount of shows that have food in it that I’m watching anyways???

    RIP Elmore Leonard. I haven’t near enough of his books but thanks to him, we have a really good show called Justified. Maybe there’s a few more unpublished books/stories that can be released.

    Well, The Feast Of The Assumption is over with and not without a cost. An unintended cost. One of the guys who’s, what you would call a second-in-command, went into the Emergency Room with intestine problems. He’ll be out of work for at least maybe two weeks. So my Boss had to cut his vacation/recovery from the Feast short.

    Summer has made a return and just in time for the kiddies to go back to school. So, I’m back to drinking gallons of water. And am I ever so HAPPY that the sun is setting before 8:30pm and It’s dark around 9pm. And as soon as Winter hits, I can knock down a bit of my book pile.

    Well, it’s time for a shower and maybe a decent nights worth of sleep.


  • A quick and brief blog…

    Well, I survived a calm Monday. The rest of the week looks to interesting due the build up of orders for The Feast Of The Assumption next week. By next Tuesday, if the orders ain’t in, the day before should be a interesting day.

    The only Cleveland area paper has cut back on it’s home delivery to only four days. It’s a cost cutting idea. For some reason, most people want to view the news on-line. Not I. I waited for a few minutes just to get through to customer service to cancel and trying to explain why I want to cancel it. No, I don’t have a tablet. So, a local news paper where I live has a special for six months of home delivery goes for $25.00 Am taking bets when The Cleveland Plain Dealer will go under. I, just out of curiosity picked up the Monday edition. For seventy five cents, the paper was tiny. So, later this morning, I start my “new” seven day delivery of a different and local news paper.

    4:30 am and it’s time for a shower and a brief six hour nap to start another day of the work week.


  • Hello It’s Me…

    Well, Xanga is still here and I guess until the end of the month I can contribute to WordPress/Xanga 2.0. Which also means I should get credit because I did pay for premium service back in April. So I don’t know what/where I should post. And for a long while, Xanga stopped sending me updates until a few days ago. And they’re still taking funds until the end of the month so I don’t know what I’m going to do just yet.

    I’m sorry about being MIA of late. Between work (being short-handed due to vacations and the oppressive heat that finally broke) and yard work on the weekends, the only thing I’ve been doing is either playing mind less games on Facebook (@gottobereal is kicking my ass on a word game. I never learn. ) or trying to make a dent on the book pile but seeing how I dropped some cash at a local library sale, the pile is still massive. And the month of August is never fun. Last minute vacations and a local festival in Cleveland’s Little Italy around the second week of August means a very busy week and there IS talk about a pay raise after the festival is over with. That’s what my boss hinted at.

    Michale Ansara passed away yesterday. He was in more than a few Star Trek episodes, voiced Mr. Freeze in Batman The Animated Series and a bit role in an episode of a series called Babylon 5.

    Under The Dome got renewed for another season. So, this means I’ll be watching it on either Hulu/Netflix or maybe read the book. Haven’t been watching much new TV series. Too nice outside. But I’ve been watching Beware The Batman. Not your typical kids cartoon. And it’s using CGI that was better than Green Lantern The Animated Series. And different takes on Batman’s massive amount of bad guys (the Xanga spell check ain’t working and my dictionary is missing. arrrrgh).

    Well, I had to buy some new shoes. My old ones are/have worn out. I just dropped over $100 on two pairs on Amazon. They should be here by Thursday. At the end of month, some new shirts. Man, I need a life. Which is probably why I haven’t posted for a while. I’m taking a week off in October. Whether I go some place or do some Fall cleaning around the yard is a toss-up. There are two trees that need to be taken care of. One dead tree has the potential to fall on my room. And the mulberry tree needs to be trimmed. But the tomato plants are coming in like gang busters. Well, when you have a fenced in yard it keeps the Deer away. There’s this ground hog that keeps digging holes under the fence. But between Dad and I have plugged the holes.

    I made the mistake of trying to ride a bicycle today. Man, are my knees shot. Maybe a reclining bicycle is in order. I’ll give it a few tries. The last time I rode one was over twenty years ago. But on the good side I’m still doing my walks on the weekends. Which explains the need for new shoes. I’m on Zestril, 30mg a day for now. I’m now taking four medications a day. Metformin and Hydrochlorot twice a day. The later is for my swelling in my legs and it’s working.

    The Cleveland Indians are doing fine right now. Listening to the games when I can have been fun. I like the broadcasters and for the first time in years, they’re having fun. The Cleveland Browns have started training camp and soon some college football will starting.

    I’m glad the coverage of Ariel Castro is over with. But now there is another freak who has killed three women in East Cleveland. Glad I live on the west side of town/suburbs. My gripe is that there are hundreds of people who turn up missing every year and never get the coverage.

    Still haven’t been to the casino downtown. No plans for that either.

    Have you noticed that the “healthy foods” have just as much sodium/sugar as the “unhealthy foods” do??? But I’ve cut back my fast food visits to once a week. Wendy’s is still my go-to place.

    My average of three games of bowling once a week is up to a 130 average. Dads still kicking my ass. He bowls at least three to four times a week and keeps at least a 190 average. But I still like to bowl and will keep at it and maybe join a league next year. And it’s exercise. You try to throw and aim a fifteen pound ball down the lane without throwing in the gutter. At first, just to break 100 was a milestone. Now just keeping a 130 average is good. If I could just pick up the spares…

    Am damned sure glad the heat has stayed away for the past few days. The 70′s are feeling nice. Still drinking a lot of water. But I have realized that I’ve got to cut back on the diet soda. Or maybe buying the twenty ounce bottles. The amount I put in the recycle bin has started to scare me a bit. But when it starts getting cooler I switch back to coffee. It’s too dang hot to be drinking coffee.

    Okay, maybe next weekend I’ll get to back to my weekly posts. Or start posting more pulses. Time for bed. An early morning. Home Depot visit for a new weed trimmer.