• A quick blog Pt. 2

    I did a fairly decent sized blog on WordPress and have been posting shorter ones here. Dunno why. Maybe I’m shooting for trying to do both sites until Xanga figures out when/if Xanga 2.0 premires…

    A few things…

    The Food Network has a new show you should AVOID. It’s called Cutthroat Kitchen. It’s a competition show but you can mess with other cooks by making their lives difficult. I watched one episode and wished I didn’t. It’s not fun. I mean, do we need another show about screwing someone over to get ahead??? Meh. I’ll just keep watching Chopped. Where you have to adapt to what’s in “The Basket”. I missed the Great Food Truck Race premier. And I can’t wait until the new season of Top Chef starts up. And what’s up the amount of shows that have food in it that I’m watching anyways???

    RIP Elmore Leonard. I haven’t near enough of his books but thanks to him, we have a really good show called Justified. Maybe there’s a few more unpublished books/stories that can be released.

    Well, The Feast Of The Assumption is over with and not without a cost. An unintended cost. One of the guys who’s, what you would call a second-in-command, went into the Emergency Room with intestine problems. He’ll be out of work for at least maybe two weeks. So my Boss had to cut his vacation/recovery from the Feast short.

    Summer has made a return and just in time for the kiddies to go back to school. So, I’m back to drinking gallons of water. And am I ever so HAPPY that the sun is setting before 8:30pm and It’s dark around 9pm. And as soon as Winter hits, I can knock down a bit of my book pile.

    Well, it’s time for a shower and maybe a decent nights worth of sleep.


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  • I was well-intentioned…I’ve started blogging in 2 other places aside from Xanga. WordPress & Live Journal. Neither one with much regularity. If I couldn’t post regularly here, I don’t know what ever possessed me to start up 2 other sites! LOL. I have exactly 1 friend on each site. Very few people here, but I am most comfortable on Xanga. We’ve had unseasonably cool weather this year and TONS of rain. I suspect we are due for a really ICY winter. Not snow. Just ice. That’s kind of how things go. We have had to mow twice a week to keep the grass down. It does look nice, but I think I am ready for fall. I don’t even think I will mind raking leaves this year. I don’t like Cutthroat Kitchen either. Two people seem to pick at each other and if one can just stay out of the fray (and hold onto the majority of their money) they win, whether or not they are decent cooks. I really like Chopped. I also liked Chopped Barbecue. I don’t get Top Chef anymore and I do miss it. It doesn’t seem to be getting dark very early yet. I am tired of the daylight savings time. By the time I get home, fix dinner, clean the kitchen I am beat. I’ve been helping Mom in the garden (tonight we picked okra), so I get started a little later. I’m just ready to drop, but it’s usually still light outside. Glad to see you here on Xanga. I stop by to read Word Press now and then. Take care.

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